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Jah Grille BBQ & Seafood


First: Determine if you need to place a Group Order or a regular order for an entire group

*A regular order for an entire group can be placed if the order is payed by ONE single person or company AND if you want to designate 1 person to gather the items to order and then place the order into the system.

*A Group Order can be payed by each Individual person OR the person that initiates the Group Order can pay for all orders. The initiator will determine how payment will be made (by individuals or one person/company) and the time the Order is due to be ready for pickup or to be delivered.

If you are the Initiator of the Group Order, Please be sure to give your team at least 2-3 hours to get their orders input. A Group Order from our Regular Menu will automatically close exactly 90 minutes before it is due to be Ready, so you will want to start the order at least 3 hours or more before the order is due to be Ready. A Group Order from our Corporate Menu will close exactly 3 days before it is due to be Ready, so it will be best to start the order at least 4 days before it should be delivered.

The Group Order Initiator will be responsible for obtaining the Link to accessing the Group Order AND for emailing that link to the entire Group. Our system will not send an email to the Group.


1. To create a group order, you must first have a registered account with Jah Grille BBQ & Seafood OR create an account with them by going to the Login Page. (If you are already logged in, go to step #3 below)

2. After you Login, return to this page by clicking "Group Orders" in the top Navigation bar (or by Choosing the "Site Navigation" drop down and selecting "Group Orders"

3. Then Click here to START YOUR GROUP ORDER!

4. Go through each of the questions, be sure to copy & paste the Special Group Order Access Link (URL), then submit your order to initiate the process.

5. Be sure to then email the Group Order Link to everyone in your Group, so they will have time to place their order. The Group Order will close exactly 90 minutes before it is "Due to be Ready" and no one else will be able to add their order.